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MiJoi Institute Law Enforcement Security Training
MiJoi Institute offers a variety of Law Enforcement and Security training courses through training methods and practices that incorporate applications and hands-on participation. MiJoi has been providing training services around the Washington, DC metropolitan area since 2010 and we are expanding our onsite and virtual classrooms nationally and globally in 2013. We provide the following Business Development (BD) courses in both public and private settings. 

Law Enforcement and Security Training Fire arms, self defense, defensive driving, surveillance, hostage negotiations, investigative and interviewing techniques. Training available in all of the above categories. Contact MiJoi's professional team to learn about our training services.

Death Investigation Course This 3-day course is designed for those law enforcement professionals and military investigators tasked with death investigation. This course not only deals with homicides, but also covers many other facets of death investigation including suicides, accidental deaths, natural deaths, overdose deaths, and child/infant deaths. Understanding the scene, body inspection, potential evidence, and other factors surrounding the death investigation are critical in determining a final cause and manner of death, as well as bringing a successful conclusion to a case. This is the job of the death investigator along with the Medical Examiner. This course of instruction is not only done through PowerPoint, but also through interactive examination of real case studies by Craig Wittenberger (recipient of the 2012 Montgomery County Police Alumni Association, Ethical Leadership Award). Topics covered include:

  • Arrival at the crime scene
  • Examining 911 calls
  • Securing the scene
  • Crime Scene Contamination issues
  • Examination and documentation of the scene
  • Examination and documentation of the body
  • Estimating time of death
  • The Autopsy
  • Trace Evidence
  • Pattern Injuries and Pattern Evidence
  • Blood Pattern Evidence
  • Understanding and examining different mechanisms of death
            - Blunt force trauma
            - Gunshot wounds
            - Asphyxial deaths
            - Stabbings
  • Staged crimes scenes
  • Crime Scene clean up by a suspect
  • How to tell a Homicide vs. Suicide, Accidental, or Natural Death
  • Human Remains & Burial Sites
  • Real Case Studies
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