Thank you for visiting the Mijoi Institute where we make our training methods and practices incorporate applications and hands-on participation. MiJoi has been providing training services around the Washington, DC metropolitan area since 2010 and we are expanding our onsite and virtual classrooms nationally and globally in 2013. We provide the following Business Development (BD) courses in both public and private settings. 

Basic Understanding of a Federal Solicitation Provides the student with the understanding of how a solicitation is structured, how to assess the requirements, and the importance of being compliant.

Capture Management - Planning Your Bid Prior to the Solicitation Release Provides the student with the understanding of how to identify a business opportunity early, learn about the Customer’s needs, and learn about the competition. The information gathered during the “Capture Period” is necessary for preparing a responsive proposal that speaks to the Government’s requirements and contracting issues.  

Creating Proposal Graphics Provides the student with the primary requirements for developing a graphic storyboard to create and manage artwork for projects and proposals. We have developed a system using Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software create eye-catching graphics that are editable and easy to convert to low-resolution images.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library® v3. Preparation Demo Course In October, MiJoi will offer their first ITIL® v3 Preparation Demo Course. View details here.

ITIL® v3. Foundation Certification
This exciting and dynamic course provides an introduction to the lifecycle of managing IT services to deliver to business expectations. Using an engaging case study, you'll learn the core disciplines of ITIL®  best practices. View details here

Law Enforcement and Security Training Fire arms, self defense, defensive driving, surveillance, hostage negotiations, investigative and interviewing techniques. Training available in all of the above categories. Contact MiJoi's professional team to learn about our training services. View current courses here.

Proposal Management Tools and Techniques Provides the student with the understanding of the tools and techniques used by the proposal team during the proposal development process. This class focuses on the documents developed by the proposal manager, coordinator, and desktop publisher to facilitate the development of the proposal.  

Proposal Team – Roles and Responsibilities Provides the student with the understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the proposal team members prior to the release of the solicitation, throughout the proposal development process, and post-submission. Each role is critical to the quality and completeness of the proposal. 

Proposal Templates/Shells (Laptop with Microsoft Word required.) Provides the student with the understanding of how to shred a solicitation and build the appropriate response templates/shells to ensure compliance with the solicitation formatting requirements.

SharePoint 2010 Training for Capture and Proposal Management Environments Provides the student with a practical understanding SharePoint 2010 environment. This course will provide beginner and intermediate SharePoint users the HANDS-ON training to use and manage tools and techniques for developing an opportunity pipeline, management past performance lists, and document libraries. We will also provide steps to create columns, lists, shared calendars, manage tasks, create document and image libraries with relevant metatags and links to other site assets. Students must pre-register and bring laptop to engage in the application of topics covered during this course.  Click here to register for an upcoming course!

Storyboarding Your Technical Approach Provides the student with the understanding of how to develop your proposal message through visual techniques. Like that of a Disney Cartoon, the illustrator draws his ideas before writing the first story line. Storyboarding will help to provide insight into the overall program, how it should be managed, the resources required, and the solution that is required to benefit the Government Customer.

Understanding Joint Ventures Provides the student with an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of participating in joint ventures. Our instructors have spent years participating in and evaluating this opportunity and we will provide information to help you make an informed and confident decision.
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